What is ARC?

ARC stands for Advanced Readings in Chinese.

At the intermediate level and above, everyone expects you to “just read stuff,” which can be slow going. And if you’re not quite to this level yet, it’s excruciating. But we’re here to help! 加油!

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Every week, we share a curated collection of articles on culture, art, technology, and society from Chinese-language publications throughout Asia. Most articles are from sources in the People’s Republic, but we also feature readings from Southeast Asia and the greater Sinosphere. We share useful, educational, and fun content, with both simplified and traditional Chinese characters.

We explain key words and concepts to make the readings engaging for everyone from the ambitious intermediate or upper-intermediate learner, to the hardcore 中国通。We believe that ARC will help you hone your reading comprehension, enrich your cultural understanding, and encourage you to explore the vast and exciting world of the Chinese written language.

Oh, and our newsletters also include memes! So many memes.

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Sounds good, but can I see some samples?

Sure! Here are some of our favorites, from over two years’ worth of weekly newsletters.

  1. ARC Newsletter # 85: 放弃彩礼、健康码数据、懒人经济、跨性别演员、一周七天的英文叫法

  2. ARC Newsletter #81: 白莲花、废话、证明你是中国人、中英文夹杂

  3. ARC Newsletter: Shanghai Lockdown! Special Meme Edition

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Who are John and Pete?

John Pasden is a Shanghai-based linguist originally from Florida in the US. He worked at ChinesePod back in the day, before founding AllSet Learning and Mandarin Companion, and also did a masters in applied linguistics in Shanghai. He has lived in China for over two decades. You can also follow his thoughts on his blog at Sinosplice.com.

Pete Braden is a postdoctoral fellow at the Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies at the University of Michigan. He is a historian of modern China, focusing on environmental and multi-species history, and science and technology studies (STS). His first book project explores the lives of cattle amidst war and revolution in twentieth-century China. In his free time, Pete loves to play the violin, feed his cats, and decipher messy Chinese characters on tattered documents from one hundred years ago.

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John Pasden

Long-time China resident. Founder of AllSet Learning.

Peter Braden

I'm a historian of modern China. My first book project explores the lives of cattle in China during the foreign invasion, civil war, and social revolution of the mid-twentieth century.